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Friday, June 26, 2009

Where have i been the last two months....

Well the past two months have been full of absolutely nothing but softball! Ocassionally hang out with friends or go to a midnight showing :). At least i have something to look forward to everyday and i know i will have something to keep me in shape ALL YEAR LONG! Good thing its something i love and enjoy doing! Some of my best friends have been playing with me since i was 8 years old! So heres some pictures of everything thats happened these last few months! 

My high school team had it's last game and finished with a record of 11 wins and 1 lose! Even though we lost that one game we still finished first in the citrus belt league! I met a lot of new people and will miss everyone on the team!

Carly had a gymnastic meet down by laguna niguel! So i brought brittany and we had lunch on the beach! 

With Jessica being able to drive she drives me and mom everywhere! So while moms in the store to keep ourselves occupied we take pictures! of course the rest of our pictures are on her camera :) so we'll have to stick with this one!

I got asked to have the chance to play on our All-star team again! We are having a good time with everyone and enjoying the season! 

Of course there's always girls camp! This year was a lot of fun! I was a 4th year which mean you do absolutely nothing! ha ha :) i had a lot of fun and next year will be fun! So we got our camp names for next year since i will be a YC (youth counselor)! i got corn dawg! ha ha :) Here's the story... my sunday school teacher is spanish and he can't pronounce the T in my name so it sounds like corny so with my class the think its funny so they made up corn dog ha ha :) so there's the joke and the story behind it! 

So there's always one person who you know forever and you both stick to the sport you know!! Jaimee chavez! we played together on 8 under all stars for mentone we played on the same RBY team two years ago and every since then we have been on the same team! It has been so much fun to have a friend with me through all of this! I love it! 

Just a picture of me batting! i can't remember if i hit it.... :)

This picture is always a picture the parents take! I love it! Shows off our butts ha ha :)

You always know softball is definately NOT ANYTHING like gymnastics because we always come home dirty hair messed up NO makeup and sratches and bruises! I cannot even begin to count how many bruises on my legs and arms i have! This just adds onto the number! The joys of softball huh... :)

But.... getting all those bruises, cuts and scratches pay off in the end! Our softball team is GOING TO TEXAS!!! SO texas..... HERE WE COME!!!! :) 

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mm.gma.ar :) said...

Awesome to see an update on your blog! Wow -- no wonder I couldn't get ahold of you to wish you happy birthday. Maybe you didn't have one, since you didn't mention it. Fun stuff, though. If I'd stay home -- and you'd stay home, I could call you. LOVES -- talk to you soon. g.ma :)